the_fictioner's Journal

This is my newly revamped fic journal. Which means I'll be writing fanfics now ...

In case you're wondering, I'm nutmae in real life. But, I tend to try to keep real life and fandom seperate, so...there ya go.

Also! Note! The majority, if not all of the fics in this journal will be Harry Potter fics. Harry Potter, and all names, many locations, and several new words included are property of JK Rowling. I'm not making any profit, etc. etc. etc.

For fanfic100, my own personal Big Damn Table.

For anyone interested, I've claimed The original Order of the Phoenix

Side note: I've decided this is going to be my vehicle for icon- and vid-posting, also. I'm all about Supernatural lately, so there'll probably be some of that going around here, too. :)